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Additional Text Messages

Additional Text Messages

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Purchase additional text messages to send alerts to additional parties on longer journeys.

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The JaiBolt™ seal is a high-security, one-time use smart bolt seal that provides a robust, intelligence-driven and secure way to track your cargo. With built-in GPS, anti-tampering alerts, a dynamic GUI and an IoT management system, the JaiBolt™ seal makes it easy to track and safeguard your cargo.

Simply configure alert thresholds and notifications on an easy-to-use dashboard before, or even during, the journey. You can also provide transparency to your partners on their systems via the same dashboard with authorization levels.

This model crosses international borders, seamlessly switching to available networks in over 130 countries. View designated country list.


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Industry Solutions

How Jaiota’s JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal and Apps help businesses like yours.

Additional Text Messages

Jaiota dashboard

The web dashboard contains the full functionality of the Jaiota system. It includes tracking, editing of projects and user management tools, advanced geofence functions, user profile settings, alert and notification settings and the full report suite and API creation. Additionally, JaiBolt™/container records can be created here if a mobile is unavailable to perform field operations.

Additional Text Messages

Get your app now

Follow the simple in-app instructions to activate your JaiBolt™s, and begin monitoring your cargo en route to its destination.

Common Questions

Bolt seals are a one-time use lock commonly used to secure shipping containers, truck container and other CTUs (cargo transport units). Once sealed, the bolt seal cannot be opened without being cut using a bolt cutter. Since it can only be removed once, this ensures that the container remains unopened until it has been delivered to the recipient.

Today, most bolt seals are classified as “high security seals”, manufactured by ISO 17712:2013 certified manufactures, which is just one of several requirements in order to be compliant with C-TPAT.

Once you have purchased a JaiBolt, you will receive full access to the Jaiota Dashboard and all its features at no additional cost.

Text message alerts are included with each JaiBolt purchased, these text messages can be customised alerts for your operations needs e.g. passing through Geofences, departing origin, arriving at destination and when the JaiBolt is cut. Please note 5 of these text messages are reserved for when the bolt is cut.

If you are working with an extensive group of stakeholders and require more text messages we do offer additional SMS packages.

No, with the Jaiota software there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on scanning equipment. The Jaiota software has been specifically designed to utilise smartphones hand-held devices (ie smartphones iOS and Android apps) and/or tablets in-built camera to use Jaiota’s QR scanning feature.

The JaiBolt operates using a combination of cellular technologies and GPS data to keep track of your containers in over 170 countries.

The JaiBolt runs on Cat M1 (Bd12, Bd13, Bd14, Bd28, Bd85), 800 (Bd18, Bd19, Bd20, Bd26, Bd27) 850 (Bd5), 900 (Bd8), 1700 (Bd66), AWS (Bd4), 1800 (Bd3), 1900 (Bd2, Bd25), 2100 (Bd1) 2G (850/900/1800/1900)

For the full list of countries supported by Jaiota visit: