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JailBolt dashboard app

Let Jaiota Take Loads Off Your Mind

Jaiota provides a smart locking and tracking system to provide seamless real-time control over cargo handling and freight transportation.

The JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal is a high-security, one-time use smart bolt seal that provides a robust, intelligence-driven and secure way to track your cargo.

Meet the JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal

The JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal is a GPS IoT device which can be used to lock shipping containers, truck trailers & railway wagons to provide location updates, as frequently as every 10 minutes, directly to the Jaiota Dashboard. Lasts for up to 6 months from activation or provides up to 750 location updates.

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High Precision GPS

High Precision GPS

In optimum conditions the GPS has a location accuracy of less than 1.5m with the receiver sensitivity of -167 dBm. The constellations include GPS, Galileo & GLONASS.

Advanced Geofencing

Advanced Geofencing

Origins and destinations are defined by geofences. Additional geofences can be made at other milestones. The mobile app allows for the creation of simple circular geofences where as the full functionality found in the web desktop version of the app, has more control in defining geofences be they circular or polygons.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Alerts are configurable and sent via SMS, email and in-app notifications. If the JaiBolt™ is tampered or cut, an alert will be sent notifying of the possible breach of security if not at its destination.

Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

Network coverage in over 130 countries, allows the JaiBolt™ to cross borders seamlessly. Multi band LTE Cat M1 with a fallback to 2G, means you have a single device that can communicate globally.


Tracking feature

Real time tracking

Real-time tracking allows your business to have direct control of your cargo while en route, having access to current location, status of cargo and how far it is to its destination.

Jaiota allows you to customise your tracking by allowing you to set a ping rate for every JaiBolt™. The ping rate can be modified mid journey to allow more control over specific legs of the journey.

Alerts feature

Increase cargo security and reduce theft

Jaiota’s JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal complies with ISO 17712:2013 definition of a high security bolt seal. But the JaiBolt™ offers much more!

Using GPS IoT technology the JaiBolt™ recognises attempts of tampering or its destruction and can alert the user immediately via SMS and the Jaiota Dashboard.


Identify mishandling events affecting your cargo

The JaiBolt™ includes an accelerometer and gyrometer. A report can be run on a journey to identify freefall and impact events. Such a read-out may assist with insurance claims in the unfortunate event of damage to your cargo.

No subscription required

No subscription required

A single upfront payment includes the JaiBolt™, the Jaiota web desktop and mobile apps, data communications & data alerts. The data alerts include unlimited emails and in-app notifications as well as up to 40 sms alerts. If more sms alerts are required, packs of additional sms alerts can be purchased and used throughout your enterprise.

How It Works

Get started in 4 simple steps



Snap the locking base from the JaiBolt™ to activate its functionality. Lock the JaiBolt™ to the handles of the closed container. Make sure it is properly locked. The QR code must face outwards.

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code

Open the Jaiota mobile app. Scan the QR code. Scan the container number or enter it manually. Verify that it is correct.

Set your preferences

Set your preferences

Set the ping rate. Select the project, set the destination and alerts required. Further geofences can be added using the web desktop app which contains the full functionality of Jaiota’s platform.

Be in control

Be in control

Get automatic updates on your cargo’s route until it arrives at its destination.

Jaiota dashboard

World class scalable and encrypted software solution providing tracking to all your parties in the supply chain. The web desktop application offers full functionality, whilst the mobile apps have been designed for field operations.

Dashboard tracking

Centralised, integrated asset tracking dashboard

Real-time tracking allows your business to have direct control of your cargo while en route, having access to the latest geolocation, status of cargo and how far it is to its destination.

Securing your cargo using a JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal allows for improved customer service, reduced unauthorised access and assists with asset recovery in the unfortunate case of theft using Jaiota’s integrated GPS and Cellular technology.

Dashboard Geofence feature


Geofences may be used to alert users to the
movement of a JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal across a geofence when it sends location updates.

A geofence may be made ‘public’ and visible to all users in an enterprise, or ‘private’ in which case one or more groups of users or only a particular user may be permitted access to the geofence or receive geofence alerts.

Geofences can also be customized to relate to a specific container or a specific Project.

The web dashboard provides the full functionality for creating detailed geofences.

Dashboard projects


A default project will be added to an enterprise on creation of an account.

Projects define which Groups of users and/or particular users are permitted to access the details of one or more JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seals, as they are assigned to the a project when activated.

A project may be used to manage a once-off single JaiBolt™ from one origin to one destination, or a complex group of movements of many JaiBolt™s, occurring over an extended period, managed under a single project.

Dashboard reports

Reports & Analytics

A comprehensive reporting suite offers the user access to standard, custom and scheduled reports.

Improve your logistics processes. Generate reports to reveal supply chain blind spots.

These reports can be saved as Excel spreadsheet, Adobe PDF or Comma-delimited text files.

APIs also provide integrations with other systems.

Dashboard Alerts


Alerts can be enabled to provide insight into the journey of your cargo.

Whether your cargo has entered or exited a geofenced area, suffered an impact causing damage, or the JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal has been tampered/severed.

Be the first to know when something has happened using Jaiota’s automated alerts sent directly to your mobile phone, email address, or via our in-app notifications.

Dashboard user roles

User roles

Jaiota provides a flexible, data sharing design which allows your account (enterprise) to invite others to track a single container or projects with multiple containers.

Invited users can be allocated different roles such as administrator, standard user and guest which provide specific privileges. This controls what they can view, edit and the reports they can generate.

Users are allocated to groups as defined by the owner or administrators of the enterprise and individual users and groups are allocated to projects.

Tracking cargo from anywhere

Buy a JaiBolt™ Smart Bolt Seal and download the Jaiota Apps to get started on your journey.

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About Jaiota

Jaiota exists to create leading-edge tools for the global cargo handling industry.

We aim to be of the utmost service to our clients, empowering them to empower all parties in their supply chains.

Combining the latest technology with first-class customer service and a deep understanding of the freight and shipping industry, we are here to provide you with peace of mind and give you back control of your assets.

What our customers say

Jaiota’s system has revolutionised the way we input cargo data in to our systems. Through the use of their seals we have had a boost in customer satisfaction through always knowing the location of their goods.
Logistics Manager
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